Sunday, December 4, 2011

December News

Wow, 2 weeks into December already! Where has this year gone?
I have just completed my first ever cake decorating course. It was great, but....... I want to do the Wilton ones in Auckland!! I will be saving up for at least one of these next year, and hopefully will get to go early in the year. I was pleased to know that having self taught myself, I have done really well, there were no major points at which I went "oops shouldn't have been doing it that way!". I'm excited to have another cake to order on the cards and a logo being created.
Another course on my MUST do list is the Tempt cupcake course. I think that the 4 of us in the Northern Suburbs cake decorators club should go (won't take much to twist their arms) :) On that note, I set up up a cake decorators club for those of us in the northern suburbs as there is nothing this side of town. We have had two meetings and it's been a blast. In the last meeting we made fondant figures, ate too much and talked A LOT more. Sometime next year will probably align with the NZ cake decorators guild. We are hoping that a few more people will join us and eventually we will get the opportunity to run a few exciting workshops. Do you know someone who lives in the Northern/Mana area and loves to have fun with cakes? Send them to my facebook page Nicola's creative cakes and leave a msg :)

Spread the word friends, if you want a cake or cupcakes or know someone who will need a cake or cupcakes made I'm the one to come to! :)

Keep watching for more xmas cakes and cupcakes, there may even be a few mini cakes popping up soon! :)


Christmas cake toppers

 Xmas Angel
 Snowman with a french twist
Frosty the Snowman

Irish/NZ cake

Two tier chocolate cake with satin ice fondant. My lovely cousin is moving to Ireland.

Xmas cake no. 1

The first christmas cake. It's hard to see but there is lovely white glitter dust on the snow flakes. The snowman and angel are also hand crafted my me :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Giant Cupcake

This giant cupcake was made for my Sister in Laws birthday. A eggless/dairy free Yummy Scrummy Chocolate cake covered in vanilla butterbream and fondant.

Presentation of cupcakes

This is one of my presentation boxes. yMy lovely Sister in Law was to receiver of this one for her birthday :)

Hayley's Birthday Cake

This was a delight to make and turned out so well. This cake is a moist chocolate cake (with eggs). A lot of my baking does not involve eggs as both my children have serious egg allergy. On this occassion, the receiver of this cake requested a cake with eggs :)

A thanks to the wonderful Liz from Ems Gems has to be given who the helped out with cake toppers as I was very limited with time for this cake.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Daisy Daisy - Cupcakes

This mornings efforts. Chocolate cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream icing and fondant flowers.

Friday, October 14, 2011


4 cakes are used to create Mr Robot. 8 hours later we had a Robot.                                           
Stats for this cake:
2kg of red fondant
1kg of grey fondant (coloured by hand)
A ball of white, yellow and black fondant (coloured by hand)
4 moist chocolate cakes (egg & dairy free and so yummy)
Vanilla buttercream icing (made by hand), who know's how much, 3 large mixing bowls worth!
8 hours of creativity and hard work to create the final master piece :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fire Truck

Marcus turned 3 on Saturday. Due to his current passion of Fire Trucks, this is what he got.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chocolate heaven cupcakes

These are divine and I am yet to come across someone who does not LOVE these cupcakes. These were my fisrt every effort at making and decorating cupcakes. 

The car cake had to be done for Daddy. I can't remember how long Marcus kept the fondant cars for, but he was not at all pleased when they finally broke. We arrived back from Taupo in the evening around dinner time, and I made this from scratch for the following day - Graeme's birthday! I was pretty pleased with my effort even if it was a bit messy around the edges.

Baa Baa

This was such a fun cake to make. So easy and so effective. It was loved by all, adults and children.
it is constructed from two round chocolate cakes (egg & dairy free), with fondant, buttercream icing and marshmellows.

My first cake - Marcus's 1st b'day

This was my first ever birthday cake. Marcus has a cuddly called Wayne (it came with that label by the way) and he looks like this only in fabric with floopy arms and legs.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Marcus's 2nd birthday cake

This was a fun cake to make, and for a very special person, my son Marcus! xxx

Janet's 60th

                                                                 The Wise Old Owl.

Oliver's giant cupcake

We had a small family celebration for Oliver's birthday that also celebrated my birthday. As my mother had made me a cake, I felt a need for Oliver to have a small one too.

This cake was made using a giant cupcake mold.

85th Birthday Cake

Created in 4 hours for my husband's grandmother.

Fondant roses made by hand a few days earlier to allow them to set.

Jungle Cake - Oliver's 1st Birthday

I had so much fun creating this cake, and along the way there were a few learning curves. I made the animals in advance and some survived well, others ended in the bin.

This cake is dairy and egg free and is so moist and yummy, you would have no idea it lacked eggs!

My first post.....

After much deliberation I have decided to make myself a blog about my hobby. Cake decorating and cupcake decorating would be my no.1 hobby. Although my children and husband would probably tell you it makes me grumpy (when I have a deadline for a cake) I LOVE creating cakes for others.

Self-taught I am my no means an expert, but a real novice with a passion.

I hope you enjoy sharing my cakes and creations with me, as I document my journey in getting creative in the kitchen.

See you around and hopefully enjoying the taste of some of my creations